Hill View Packing Co., Inc. is a newly organized company that is in the business of packing, shipping and processing of fresh and dried fruits and other fruit products. The company was formed and facilities were acquired in early 1995. While Hill View is a new entity the founder and present owners have a history in the food industry dating back over 60 years.
Hill View Packing Co., Inc., a global packer, proactively serves and satisfies our customers by maintaining a strong quality bond. We are committed to developing a service-oriented atmosphere with our customers, while leading the industry in customer satisfaction.
Our ambition is to be the best in the business. We believe that quality and sustained customer relations are crucial in achieving positive customer relations and company success. Our quality management system achieves superior product quality and continued food safety through strict adherence to customer specifications and maintenance of prerequisite, quality and regulatory programs. By conforming to superior hygienic practices and ensuring our personnel are properly trained, we can count on continued improvement externally through customer feedback and internally from employees committed to quality.
Joe Rubino, the founder, was involved in the growing of many fruits and the development of the modern-day dryers for the prune industry. Among his other accomplishments were producing high quality fruit concentrates, prune concentrates, juices, nectars and other dried fruit products.

Unfortunately, in late 1995, Joe Rubino passed away. However, the management continues as a family owned company headed by Joe Rubino's children Diane and Joe, president and vice president, respectively. Both Diane and Joe are trained and experienced through many years under their father's tutelage. Their goal is to continue in the tradition of their father to provide quality service together with high quality products.
The company corporate office is located in San Jose, California. Hill View owns and operates a concentrate manufacturing plant in Gustine and a raw product handling facility in Los Banos, both in the central valley of California. Hill View also owns and farms quality orchards producing prunes and apricots in the surrounding region. This arrangement provides for quality control from the raw material to the finished product.

Hill View Packing Co. management participates with various committees for the California Dried Plum Board and the Federal Prune Marketing Committee, and is a member of the prestigious DFA of California. DFA is a world recognized association that promotes and aims to maintain high quality standards for the dried fruit industry. One of its most important functions is to monitor the sanitation conditions of member plants. US FDA-sanctioned DFA approved sanitation inspectors make unannounced trimester American Council for Food Safety & Quality inspections of member plants to assure that they maintain and conduct operations in an acceptable manner as defined by current Good Manufacturing Practices. Hill View Packing Co., Inc. is proud to have repeatedly qualified for the esteemed 1800 Club, DFA's highest sanitation award. In addition, we are HACCP-Certified through the American Council for Food Safety & Quality.
The concentrate plant currently produces prune, fresh prune, fig, and date concentrates that are packed in 55-gallon drums and tankers. Quality concentrates, to meet exacting customer requirements, can be produced using our state-of-the-art triple effect evaporator. New stainless steel processing tanks equipped with automatic controls can provide for cooking or preparation of fruits, which will undergo further processing. Due to the energy efficient and state of the art equipment at Hill View's plant, a fresher tasting product is attained. A continuous strategic program is underway to acquire, install, and improve the processing equipment that will result in the production of high-quality, low-cost products.